Squash Coaching

Whether you’re a novice looking to master the basics or a seasoned player aiming for precision and power, our coach is here to guide you on a journey of improvement.

Weekly Sessions

Our Squash Training sessions are held every Thursday from 7pm – 9pm. These are open to any squash players interested in improving their squash. Focusing on three main elements: Fitness – Coaching – Matches. The fitness is targeted at squash specific movements, coaching goes through many of the shots required to play good squash and matches are in a round robin format where everyone plays each other.

These evenings are available to members and non members (£10) per person.

Our Coach

Gary Marshall

Squash Coach

Gary has 50+ years of squash experience. He has played in County leagues over many years and has represented Kent in the Master’s competitions. He has also played in the Master’s British Open. His next goal is to play for England in the Over 65 Category, when he gets there! He has been coaching full time since 2010 after completing the England Squash Level 3 qualification in 2008.

£20 per 45 mins | gmsquash@live.co.uk

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