Two Generation Tournament 2022

Christopher Stephenson, who organised this year’s Two Generation Tournament, reports …

This year the reinvigorated Two Generation Tournament found itself sandwiched between the Open and the Junior events. After the pandemic hiatus, a full house turned out for this ever-popular event; more than 40 pairs of parents, children, uncles, aunts and cousins filled every court at the Club.

The sun shone and the day saw some excellent tennis. This year must have seen perhaps the widest age gap between youngest and oldest. Theo Maynard stepped in for his first tournament, aged 7. But the hero of the day was Ben Hay, aged 80, partnering his 6 foot 7 inch grandson Angus. What a star! As someone commented, “Don’t hit it anywhere near the old bloke!!”, as Ben sliced and diced his way around the grass, deploying his legendary underarm serve to put the youngsters in their place.

The standard of tennis was impressive. Everywhere you looked, there were hilarious and gripping rallies. Shot of the day goes to Florence Stephenson, a diving forehand pass down the tramline. Villain of the day was Neil Pearce, for clonking his partner Daisy Eirth on the back of the head with a full throated drive!

Court winners were (age before beauty):

Jonny Leslie & Luke Packenham

Sally Bennie & Herbie Stephenson

David Kinninmonth & Arthur Bentley

Anna & Billy Craigen

Stu & Xavier Haslam

Freddie Menzies & Jaspar Cox

Well done all and looking forward to seeing you all next year!

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