Farmer Tournament 2019

The club’s Members’ Tournament, scheduled for Saturday 10th August, sadly had to be abandoned due to unseasonably strong winds, which gave the tournament marquees quite a battering. Facing slightly less wind on Sunday morning, 34 couples took to the grass in the Farmer Mixed Doubles Tournament, named in memory of late RLTC board member John Farmer. The bar did brisk business and the winners of each group went through to a play-off in a “handicap” semi-final, leaving David and Kate Wallis pitted against Scott Brotherton and Vicki Lowe in the final. Facing a devastating handicap of 0-15 every game and 0-30 every third, Brotherton and Lowe just came through 7-5 to receive the trophy for the second time in three years from the club chairman, Jonathan Jempson.

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