Excitement Abounds at RLTC’s Latest Quiz Night!

It was an evening of intense trivia and spirited camaraderie at Rye Lawn Tennis and Squash Club this past Saturday, as our quiz night continued to prove itself a favourite among members. The event saw a good turnout with 11 teams of six, all eager to claim the quiz crown.

As always, the competition was stiff. After eight rounds of challenging questions and two engaging picture rounds, the scores were neck and neck. Four teams were in the running, closely packed within just a few points of each other, making every answer crucial.

The climax of the evening was as thrilling as it gets, with a dramatic tie at the top. Both ‘God Alone Knows’ and ‘Quizzee Rascals’ reached an impressive 108 points. The tension in the room was palpable as a tiebreak question was posed to determine the ultimate quiz champions. The question that stumped many was about the capacity of the largest cricket club in the world.

In a spectacular finish, the ‘Quizzee Rascals’ clinched the victory, with captain Tom Meyer leading his team to triumph over the reigning champions, Dave Godard and his team. This was a remarkable feat, especially considering the challenging nature of the tiebreak question.

For those curious, the answer to the tiebreak question was 132,000.

We are delighted to see the continued growth in popularity of our quiz nights and are already looking forward to the next gathering. Thank you to all participants.

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