Annual Opera Evening 2023

The Annual Opera Evening hosted by the Rye Lawn Tennis and Squash Club on December 2nd 2023 marked a resounding success at Rye Creative Centre.

Siri Fischer Hansen’s curated ensemble from the Royal Opera House Jette Parker programme featured Francesca Chiejina, Stephanie Wake-Edwards, Thando Mjandana, and Grisha Martirosyan. Their collective talents presented a captivating tapestry of sound that resonated with the audience.

Oliver Gooch, as the maestro, guided the musical journey. His skilful direction and piano artistry added depth to the performances, creating a programme that appealed to everyone.

The success of the evening was underscored by substantial support from the local community. The Rye Lawn Tennis and Squash Club extends gratitude to all attendees, ticket purchasers, advertisers and contributors for their crucial role in making the event a success. With a big thanks going out to our hosts, Rye Creative Centre.

The funds raised from ticket sales will contribute to enhancing the facilities of the Club. With the added benefit of having Community Amateur Sports Club status, this financial support helps the club to continue to provide excellent amenities for the local community.

Photo credit: Roger Way

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